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 Illustrated, little-known stories from American history.

How the Constitution of the United States came about
This is a four-part sequence commemorates the reopening of the National Archives with its new display of America's most precious documents, including the Constitution of the United States. Just how did the Constitution come about?
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September 28, 2003

October 5, 2003

October 12, 2003

Research for this sequence came from many sources. Here are our favorites:

 Don't Know Much About History–Everything You Need to Know about American History but Never Learned
by Kenneth C. Davis
Here is a book that not only fills in gaps in historical knowledge, but is genuinely entertaining and wonderful. From Columbus's voyage to the Clinton administration, Mr. Davis carries the reader on a rollicking ride through 600 years of Americana. With wit, candor, and fascinating facts, he explores long-held myths and misconceptions–revealing the very human side of history that the textbooks neglect. Chapters include: When Monopoly Wasn't a Game: The Growing Empire from Wild West to World War I; From Boom to Bust to Big Boom: From the Jazz Age and the Great Depression to Hiroshima; Commies, Containment, and Cold War: America in the Fifties.
5¼" x 8" 466 pages, index, paperbound
#215 Don't Know History $26.95

Chesapeake and Ohio Canal
As an Official National Park Handbook this book is not available in commercial bookstores. Thus, it is loaded with magnificent full-color photos and paintings that show how the canal was built, how it worked, and who made it work. The book starts with George Washington's brainchild of a canal along the Potomac which became the Patowmack, built on the Virginia side of the river. The C&O Canal was constructed almost at the same time on the Maryland side. The latter eventually linked the Potomac and the Ohio Rivers, and was one of the fledgling country's most ambitious public projects.
6" x 8¼" 112 pages, index, illustrated, maps, paperbound
#87 C&O Canal $15.00

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 These stories, along with a hundred others, appear in this colorful book.

A Cartoon of the District of Columbia–Flashbacks Volume One Patrick M. Reynolds brings history to life with a sense of humor. His exciting drawings put you on the scene with the conflicts, madness, wheeling and dealing that resulted in the location and construction of the U.S. capital. 11¾" x 7½" 106 pages, full color illustrations, index, paperbound
ISBN 0-932514-31-6
#F1 Cartoon History of DC $25,00



Read more illustrated histories of the New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas.


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