Most of the reference for this two-part story came from this book:

   Ghost Army of World War II
by Jack Kneece
German soldiers in World War II referred to the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops of the U.S. Army as "a Phantom Army," claiming it disappeared and reappeared in unearthly fashion.
What the Germans did not know was that the 23rd was, in fact, a kind of Ghost Army—or at least a unit specially trained to mislead and deceive them, by using rubber dummies of tanks, trucks, and artillery pieces, and simulating a strong military force. This small group successfully duped the Wermacht in 21 major operatioins, often operating a few hundred yards from the front lines. Files of this unit were declassified in 1996, fifty-one years after the war ended. Most Americans never heard of this top secret outfit, and will read of it here for the first time.
6" x 9" 280 pages, photos, hardbound
#393 Ghost Army of WWII $24.95

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