Most of the research for this story came from conversations with historians, modern-day ferry companies, and people who actually rode some of these ferries. Books on ferries are scarce. The only ones of Chesapeake Bay ferries can be found in libraries because they are all out of print.

The book shown here is one of the few still in print. We offer it because of its high quality of information and wealth of old photos.

 Over and Back
The History of Ferryboats in New York Harbor
by Brian J. Cudahy
This rare history captures nearly two centuries of ferryboating in the Big Apple, by a master narrator of the history of transportation in America. In stories, charts, maps, photographs, diagrams, route lists, fleet rosters, and in the histories of some four-hundred ferryboats, Mr. Cudahy describes how Cornelius Vanderbilt started the industry from a rowboat to a fleet of boats, calling himself "Commodore." Subsequent chapters include: Years of Growth (1824-60), the Civil War, Patterns after Appomatox (1865-1900), Road to Municipal Operation (1900-1910), Here Comes Red Mike (1910-1925), tje Dream Fades (1925-1955), ...But Doesn't Die (1955 and Onward.) It is all spiced with vintage photos.
8¾" x 9¼" 472 pages, index, illustrated, hardbound

#25 Over & Back $39.95

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