The Story of Ninian Beall
This sequence on Ninian Beall ran in the Washington Post during the months of March and April 2002. These stories are not yet in any of our books. The only thing we can offer are color copies of each segment. For information on how to obtain these copies e-mail us at or or call us at 717-464-3873



 All the King's Armies
A Military History of the English Civil War 1642-1651
by Stuart Reid
On 23 September 1642 Prince Rupert's cavalry triumphed outside Worcester in the first major clash of th English Civil War. Almost exactly nine years later, on 3 September 1651, that war was won by Oliver Cromwell's famous Roundheads outside the same city and in part on the same ground. Prince Rupert, Cromwell, Alexander Leslie, and Sir Thomas Fairvax all play their parts in this fast-moving narrative. Aside from details of key battles, the book describes the technical and ecomonic factors which helped shape strategy and tactics, making this a truly comprehensive history. The book concludes with the war in Scotland.
6¼" x 9½" 270 pages, index, maps, hardbound

#38 All the King's Armies $34.95

 The Civil Wars
A Military History of England, Scotland, and Ireland 1638–1660
Edited by John Kenyon and Jane Ohlmeyer
Nine distinguished historians provide a detailed analysis of how the "War of the Three Kingdoms" was contested in each of the Stuart kingdoms. Part One, Civil Wars in the Sturt Kingdoms, has these chapters: Background to the Civil Wars, the Civil Wars in Scotland, in Ireland, in England, and Naval Operations. Part Two, The British and Irish Experiences of War, contains: Signs and Fortifications, Logistics and Supply, and Civilians. A final Postlude explains the situation Between War and Peace 1651-1662. There are maps of the wars in each kingdom, plus individual campaigns: Edgehil, Rathmines, and Marston Moor, along with the War at sea.
6" x 9" 392 pages, index, illustrated, maps, paperbound
#39 British Civil Wars $22.95

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