October 19, 2003

 Lost Race Tracks by Gordon B. White
A former racecar driver himself, Gordon White has painstakingly researched old, lost, and abandoned race tracks and chronicled them with vintage photos in this high-quality book. Of the more than 8,200 motor racing courses that have existed in the U.S., 7,000 have disappeared entirely or have been turned into other uses, as horse tracks, public roads, outdoor music festivals, housing shopping centers, airports, and parking lots. Here is are capsulized histories of 118 tracks that have vanished.
11" x 8½" 128 pages, fully illustrated, paperbound
#435 Lost Race Tracks $32.95
  Legends of the Track by Duane Falk
When visionary racecar driver and mechanic Big Bill France began running races on the beach/road course in Daytona, NASCAR was a newborn organization with high hopes and healthy competitiion from a handful of other racing organizations. But there was magic in the air (and in the sand) at Daytona and the beautiful Florida locale ultimately proved fertile ground for what today has grown into the most successful racing organization in the world. Beginning with the seminal course at Daytona Beach, Legends of the Track recounts the history of NASCAR by detailing the sport's most famous tracks, offering asphalt-blistering tales of the greatest events that have unfolded at each one. Loaded with full-color photos.
9¼" x 12¼" 176 pages, index, fully illustrated, hardbound ISBN 1-58663-071-1
#406 Legends of the Track $24.95

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Here are two volumes containing reproductions of Flashbacks cartoons:

 A Cartoon of the District of Columbia Flashbacks Volume One Patrick M. Reynolds brings history to life with a sense of humor. His exciting drawings put you on the scene with the conflicts, madness, plus the wheeling and dealing that resulted in the location and construction of the U.S. capital city. This book covers the early history of DC from 1776 to 1863. You'll be surprised at how many cities served as the U.S. capital; you'll be amazed that the city was built--despite all the bickering, petty jealousies, and down-right stupidity.
11¾" x 7½" 106 pages, full color illustrations, index,
paperbound ISBN 0-932514-31-6
#F1 Cartoon History of DC $25.00
  DC Neighborhoods Flashbacks Vol. Two Artist-writer Patrick M. Reynolds takes you to the Washington that tourists seldom see The U.S. capital expanded with the growth of public transportation into such areas as Shepard Park, Takoma Park, Chevy Chase, Kalorama, Dupont Circle, Adams Morgan, Capital Hill, LeDroit Park, Tenleytown, Brookland, and others. Stories in this book go back to the explorations of Capt. John Smith in the 1600s and the Indian Wars of early Virginia, continuing into the 20th century with the introduction of the cherry trees to Washington and the end of segregation in public schools.
11¾" x 7½" 106 pages, full color illustrations, index, paperbound ISBN 0-932514-31-6
#F2 Cartoon History of DC $14.95

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