Lord Culpeper-Virginia's Absentee Governor
This three-part story ran in June 2002.

 Most of the reference for this story came from two books:
Colonial Virginia Volume One - The Tidewater Period - 1607-1710 by Richard L. Morton. Published for the Virginia Historical Society by the University of North Carolina Press. 1960. Chapel Hill, NC

The Shaping of Colonial Virginia by Thomas J. Wertenbaker. Russell & Russel (publishers), New York. 1958

The above mentioned books are out of print. Look for them at your local library.

After an extensive search, we found only one book, on the complete history of Virginia which is still in print. This in-depth chronology of Virginia has a down-to-earth, enjoyable narrative style which makes us proud to recommend it. Also, it is rarely available in bookstores.

Virginia–The New Dominion–A history from 1607 to the present by Virginius Dabney
Published in 1971, Mr. Dabney describes the events and personalities, both good and bad, thae make up the long and exciting Virginia story. Previous historians emphasized the English settlers, whereas Dabney gives due recognition to the Germans, Scotch-Irish, African-Americans, and the French Huguenots, oach of whom made lasting contributions to the development of Virginia.
6" x 9" 629 pages, index, photos, maps, paperbound
#399 VA–New Dominion $29.95

 There are 39 chapters in this book. These include: 1. Into the Story, 2, Starvaton, Disease, and Indians, 3. Tobacco, Pocohantas, the First Assembly, and the First Negroes, ....8. Gooch, Carter, Byrd, and the Clergy.....10. French, Indians, and Washington.....18. Slavery in Virginia and a Thwarted Revolt...20. Madison, Monroe and a "Fireball in the Night"....Manners, Mores, Trail Blazers, and Literati....27 Manassas to Sharpsburg, 28. Fredericksburg to Appomattox, 29. Reconstruction...35. Wilson, War, Prohibition, Machine and Anti-machine...37 VA in World War II.

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