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 Portrait of an Army
Edited by General Gordon R. Sullivan
This is a high-quality book produced by the U.S. ArmyCenter of Military History which holds the entire Army art collection. This contains artwork from the War of 1812 , the Spanish-American War, World Wars I and II to Vietnam and Desert Storm. Reflecting the aspects of Army combat, the chapters depict artwork on Combat, Combat Support, and Combat Service Support. Two appendices describe The Artists, and A Brief History of the Army Art Collection. There are limited numbers of this book available.
12¼" x 9¼” 179 pages, illustrated, hardbound
#405 Portrait of an Army $59.95



   World War II A Visual Encyclopedia
Edited by the great military historian John Keegan this oversized book recounts the major campaigns and battles on every front with maps & photos; has bios and photos of leaders and notables, both civilian and military; describes every major weapon and weapons system used by the combatants on both sides throughout the war: ships, aircraft, tanks, armored vehicles, artillery pieces, and small arms. A great overview history.
8¾ x 12” 512 pages, illustrated, paperbound
#440 WWII Visual Ency. $24.95

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