The Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918
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Part 5, September 1, 2002

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Part 7, September 15, 2002

The story of the flu continues as we concentrate on the city of Washington, DC


To read more about the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 we suggest these books:

 Influenza 1918–The Worst Epidemic in American History
by Lynette Iezzoni
Based on the television documentary, Influenza 1918 is a powerful medical thriller of America's worst health crisis. It is the story of public officials who waffled and denied the danger, and others who acted with forceful dedication; of medical researchers whose tireless labors only led them deeper into the heart of a mystery; of people who closed their doors against sick friends and relatives; and of the many more who braved the danger and, in a show of volunteerism unmatched in our nations history, somehow kept America running.
6" x 9" 240 pages, index, photos, paperbound
#298 Influenza 1918 $15.00

 Flu–The Story of the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918 and the Search for the Virus That Caused It
by Gina Kolata
A science reporter for The New York Times, Gina Kolata unravels the mystery of this lethal virus with the high drama of a great adventure story. From Alaska to Norway, from the streets of Hong Kong to the corridors of the White House, Kolata tracks the race to recover the live pathogen and proves the feat that has impelled government policy. A chilling read, packed with new information and astonishments; it moves a a rapid pace with vivid proxe and graphic scenes.
5½" x 8" 330 pages, index, photos, paperbound
#297 Flu $14.00

  Viruses, Plagues, & History
by Michael B. A. Oldstone
This is a concise chronicle of the epidemics that ravaged the world since recorded history. The first cities formed not only the cradle of civilization, but spawning grounds for the earlies viral epidemics. In clear and engrossing prose, Oldstone explains the scientific principles of virus and epidemics while also relating the past and present history of the major viral thrreats to human health. Science magazine describes the book, "Concise , telling accounts of the most dreaded viral epidemic diseases and of the virologists who pioneered their identificatioin, pathogenesis, and prevention through vaccination....Accessible reading for the non-specialist, and reminds virologists of our debt to the field's founders."
5¼" x 8" 227 pages, index, photos, maps, diagrams, paperbound
#401 Viruses $15.95

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