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 Sunday comics are done in black and white. The artist makes a copy of the artwork and colors that copy with watercolor, magic markers, or color pencils. The original black & white art and the color copy are sent to a pre-press company which makes the color printing plates with a special computer program. Cartoonist/historian Patrick M. Reynolds uses color pencils to indicate the color on Flashbacks.
Shown here is the color copy for the story that ran December 1, 2002.
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 Pirates on the Chesapeake Being a True History of Pirates, Picaroons, and Raiders on the Chesapeake Bay, 1610–1807
by Donald G. Shomette

Captain John Smith recorded the first pirates on the Chesapeake in 1610. For the next two centuries, a dazzling array of pirates, picaroons, and sea rovers raided and plundered ships, towns, and plantations in the Bay area. The most famous Chessy buccaneer was Blackbeard. Many of these seaborne hoodlums controlled islands in the Bay. The governments of Virginia and Maryland constantly launched anti-pirate cruises which led the the capture of dozens of pirates. However, some showy executions did little to curb the continued terrorist activities of nautical nasties like Roger Makeele, and Stede Bonnet, and Joseph Wheland. Chesapeake piracy ended peacefully in 1807.
6”x 9” 344 pages, index, illustrated, hardbound
ISBN 0-87033-343-7
#332 Chesapeake Pirates $24.95

 Sea also Chesapeake Beach

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