Chesapeake Bay Stories

   Seashore Chronicles Three Centuries of the Virginia Barrier Islands
Today most of the barrier islands are nature preserves with no human habitation. Consequently it may come as a surprise to learn that virtually all these islands once had settlements, most of which failed. This book is a collection of articles about many of the island written by historians, travel writers, artists, and people who journeyed there fore pleasure or imagines profits. Contents include: stories on Smith Island by George Washington Parke Custis and his grandson Robert E. Lee; Chincoteague by Howard Pyle; Cobb's Island by Joseph F. Morgan; Revel's Island by George Shiras III, Robb's Island by Lynn Meekins, & more.
6" x 9" 249 pages, index, photos, paperbound
#94 Seashore Chronicles $14.95

The Disappearing Islands of the Chesapeake by William B. Cronin
This is a terrific history of most of the existing islands in the Chesapeake plus a look at the background of the ones that have already vanished. There are photos as well as maps of each island described. As water levels in the Chesapeake Bay continue to rise–from a rate of three feet every thousand years to a foot inthe 20th century alone–Cronin's work reaveals the profound impace of global climate change. If you ever boated on the Bay, or have any interest in it, this book will give you insights and "talking points" that will dazzle you and your friends. This oversize hardbound book will make a cherished, impressive gift.
8 ½" x 11¼" 182 pages, index, illustrated, hardbound
#468 Disappearing Islands/Chesapeake $35.95

 Lost Towns of Tidewater Maryland
by Donald G. Shomette
There are dozens of towns in Maryland that have vanished completely. Between 1668 and 1751, the Government of Maryland tried to control business, and he growth of the colony by creating towns while ignoring the social, economic, and typographic ralities that would doom most of them to short lives. This book details the fate of ten towns chosen as a sampling of the many early settlements that failed to thrive.
7” x 10” 370 pages, index, illustrated, hardbound

#469 Lost Towns of Tidewater MD $36.95

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 Pirates on the Chesapeake Being a True History of Pirates, Picaroons, and Raiders on the Chesapeake Bay, 1610–1807
by Donald G. Shomette

Captain John Smith recorded the first pirates on the Chesapeake in 1610. For the next two centuries, a dazzling array of pirates, picaroons, and sea rovers raided and plundered ships, towns, and plantations in the Bay area. The most famous Chessy buccaneer was Blackbeard. Many of these seaborne hoodlums controlled islands in the Bay. The governments of Virginia and Maryland constantly launched anti-pirate cruises which led the the capture of dozens of pirates. However, some showy executions did little to curb the continued terrorist activities of nautical nasties like Roger Makeele, and Stede Bonnet, and Joseph Wheland. Chesapeake piracy ended peacefully in 1807.
6”x 9” 344 pages, index, illustrated, hardbound
ISBN 0-87033-343-7
#332 Chesapeake Pirates $22.95

 Sea also Chesapeake Beach

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