The Electric Interurban Railways in America
by George W.Hilton and John F. Due
Interurbans were large rail cars whereas trolleys or streetcars were smaller. This definitive history re-creates one of the most colorful yet neglected eras in American transportation history–the electric interurbans. Built with the idea of attracting short-distance passenger traffic and light freight, the interurbans were largely constructed in the early 1900s. This is a fast-paced, interesting read. The first part describes the construction and technology, financial history, and final decline and abandonment. The second part presents over 300 histories of individual lines with maps.
5½" x 8½" 463 pages, index, illustrated, paperbound
#454 Interurbans $39.95

Classic American Locomotives–The 1909 Classic on Steam Locomotive Technology
by Charles McShane
For the die-hard rail fan, this is a highly technical treatise on various aspects of locomotive engineering with all sorts of diagrams and techincal illustrations
6” x 9” 711 pages,index, illustrated, softbound
#210 Classic Steam Locomotive $19.95

  Dining on the Go
1. Before the era of air transportation people traveled long distances on railroads with plush, wide seats. sleeping berths,and elegant dining cars.
2. Scene of train station.
3. The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad's premier train, the "Capitol Limited" offered passengers five-star service in a fine dining car replete with linen tablecloth, sparkling crystal, special B&O china, silverware, and a varied menu.
3. Each meal was prepared from scratch in a kitchen that was 16 ft. long and 7½ ft. wide.
The B&O did not make a profit on its dining cars. The railroad believed that if it provided great dining and top-notch service it would attract passengers and investors.

    Dining on the B&O Recipes and Sidelights from a Bygone Age by Thomas J. Greco and Karl D. Spence in Association with the B&O Railroad Museum
Captivated by he romance of the subject, Greco and Spence combine many of the B&O's best recipes with historical background and vintage photos to capture the elegance and charm of the dining car experience.
9" x 9" 171 pages, index, photos, hardbound
#60 Dining on the B&O $34.95


 The President Travels by Train by Bob Withers
Once the private Pullman car on a special train was for the presidente what Air Force One is today, allowing him freedom to make important trips, campaign for reelection, and to do the nation's business wherever he was needed. Author Bob Withers tells the fascinating story of railroad travel by presidents of the U.S. from the very earliest, when John Quincy Adams was the first to ride the rails to the present day. There is action and intrigue, especially the story of an assassination attempt against Abraham Lincoln on the way to his first inauguration, known as the Baltimore Plot; the train wreck that took the life of the son of President-elect Franklin Pierce; Harry Truman's famous "Whistle Stop" campaign, and much more.
9" x 11" 422 pages, index, illustrated, hardbound ISBN 1-883089-17-4
#42 President Travels by Train $60.95 Special order. Call 1-888-839-5673