, DC Insiders; Guide &price=16.95&units=16.95

  Washington, DC Off the Beaten Path
A Guide to Unique Places by William B. Whitman

Sure, our nation's capital has so many well-known places to visit, but there's so much more. Devoted to travelers with a taste for the unique, this easy-to-use guide will help you discover the hidden places of Washington that most visitors miss such as: the oldest known Otis elevator in the US still in use, the "Social Safeway" where the elete get their meat & potatoes, the national museum of health and medicine, & more.
5½" x 8½" 193 pages, maps, drawings, paperbound
#424 Washington Beaten Path $16.95

 Washington At Home
An Illustrated History of Neigborhoods in the Nations Capital

by Katheryn Schneider Smith
Here’s an impressive, oversize book of the famous-and infamous-residents, colorful characters, distinct flavors and important events that helped shaped the city beyond the federal facade. Here is the history of the REAL Washington which the tourist drive past but never appreciate.
9” x 12” 514 pages, index, illustrated, hardbound
#513 Washington At Home $49.00
    Lost Washington, D.C. by Paul Kelsey Williams
This oversize hard cover book features rare photos of buildings, homes, and industrial sites that have never been published before, such as the Republic Theater on U Street, which was once a gathering point for the African American communit, and the Krazy Kat Club, whre bohemian Washingtonians in the 1920s could get a cocktail in an outsice bar and nightclub located in a tree house near Thomas Circle. Here are glimpses of Civil War encampments that were disbanded after 1865, houses thatonce stood where downtown offices are located today, and the entire Southwest community that was systematically razed in the 1960s, as well as landmarks that have been lost more recently, like the Children's Hospital.
11¼" x 10" 144 pages, index, fully illustrated, hardbound
#530 Lost Washington $21.95

 Capital Losses–A Cultural History of Washington's Destroyed Buildings
by James M. Goode
This is one of the finest histories of Washington, DC ever. Out of print for many years, this deluxe hardbound edition does the city proud and should be a MUST for historians of DC. The book does not concentrate on government buildings. Here are some of the chapters: Residential Houses-Georgian, Greek Revival, Victorian, etc; row houses, hotels and apartment houses; Churches, Clubs and Organizations, Commercial bldgs; Office Buildings; Early and Post Civil War Government buildings; Theaters, Schools, Hospitals, Fire Stations; Temporary Government Buldings, & Street Furniture. The descriptions contain an exciting social history of the city, but what makes this book a dazzling delight are the hundreds of vintage photos. A true treasure!
9¼" x 112¼" 539 pages, index, fully illustrated, hardbound
#442 Capital Losses $79.95

Best Addresses–A Century of Washington's Distinguished Apartment Houses by James M. Goode
Another top-quality book that is now back in print witha new preface covering eighteen additional "Best Addresses." First of all, there is a difference: an apartment BUILDING is a structure with a bunch of apartments. An apartment HOUSE has an elevator, a doorman, a staff of maintenance workers and housekeepers, car washing facilities and car washing guys to wash your sedan, and... a snobby address. Its residents have to have alot of money in order to pay the rent and pass the admittance requirements. Nevertheless, this is a history of DC's high-classed domiciles. And it's loaded with exquisite photography of exteriors and posh interiors.
9¼" x 112¼" 597 pages, index, fully illustrated, hardbound
#443 Best Addresses $$65.00

 Insiders' Guide to Washington, DC
Whether you're visiting the Nation's Capital for a business trip or family vacation, relocating to th e Wshington Metro area, or just looking for new ways to spend you rleisure time, you'll find something of interst in this book. Just the information on the Metro made this book worth while. Most chapters tell what's happening in DC and the surrounding Vifginia and Maryland suburbs. Every listing including attractions, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, festivals, ets, has a complete description along with address, phone number, e-mail address.
6" x 9" 514 pages, index, photos, paperbound
#425 Insiders' Guide To Washington $16.95

 Washington Album A Pictorial History of the Nation’s Capital
by Bob and Jane Levey
Recently published by The Washington Post, this picture book is a fast-paced social history of Washington.

For a more detailed description and pictures of some double-paged spreads,
Click Here.

8½” x 11” 192 pages, over 350 photos, paperbound
#345 Washington Album $24.95

 Washington Seen A Photographic History, 1875-1965
by F. M. Miller and H. Gillette, Jr.
Here’s an impressive, oversize book of 350+ photos focusing, not on streets and monuments, but on the people of Washington–men and women, black and white–and the way they worked and lived. There are photos of an artificial limb factory, engravers and money counters at the Treasury Dept., the "plumbing room" somewhere deep in the Capitol, the crowded city in World War II, the suburban sprawl and more. The accompanying text offers an insightful commentary on the images.
9” x 12” 274 pages, index, illustrated, hardbound
#335 Washington Seen $44.95

 Washington’s U Street A Biography
by Blair A. Ruble
During the segregation era, U Street was the center of African American social, business, and cultural life. Here were nightclubs and theaters where the who’s who of black entertainers performed, authors wrote books, and athletes played. Here was the focal point of the civil rights movement.Mr. Ruble, a jazz aficionado, prominent urbanist, and longtime resident of Washington, DC is eminently qualified to research and write this compelling text.
6” x 9”410 pages, index, illustrated, paperbound
# 527 U Street $24.95

 Alley Life in Washington
by James Borchert
An excellent, comprehensive, in-depth study of the lives and culture of the urban poor. Early in the nineteenth century many people of the middle-class purchased large building lots along the streets and avenues in Washington. To make some extra cash, they built narrow, two-story houses in the back of their lots which they rented to immigrants, later to freed slaves. These maze-like alleys were given odd names.
5¾” x 9” 329 pages, index, illustrated with photos, maps, drawings, paperbound
#198 Alley Life $22.95

 The Washington One–Day Trip Book
by Jane Ockershausen
This revised edition describes 101 exursions in and around the nation's capital. Though most cn be enjoyed any time of year, they are gourped according to the best season to visit. A calendar of events plan trips to include festivals and other special events. And a useful topical cross reference matches intersts with activities and pinpoints excursions best suited for children.
5½”x 8½” 496 pages, photos, paperbound
#261 DC Trips was $9.95 now $8.95

 The Great Society Subway A History of the Washington Metro
by Zachary M. Schrag
The author contends that the Metro can only be understood in the political context from which it was born: the Great Society liberalism of Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon administrations. In an era when most Americans owned cars, the Metro emerged from a period when we believed in public investments suited to the grandeur and dignity of the worlds’s richest nation. Tells the inside story from idea to reality.
7” x 10” 384 pages, index, photos, hardbound
#499 Great Society Subway $30.00 Life in Washington&price=22.95&units=

 On This Spot - Washington
by Douglas E. Evelyn and Paul Dickson
This book delves into the gritty reality and color of the city by locating the sites where important, or just plain fascinating, events took place, where figures from American history lived, worked, and died.
9" x 6" 266 pages, index, illustrated, paperbound ISBN 0-918535-14-X #186 On This Spot $16.95

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