Argonaut The Submarine Legacy of Simon Lake
by John J. Puluhowich
John Holland reaped most of the credit for inventing the submarine (See
Big Apple Almanac 3). However, it was Simon Lake who launched the first working submarine in 1894 at the age of twenty-seven in the rivers of his native New Jersey. Questionable governmental trials resulted in navy contracts for submarines being awarded to Lake's rival, the Holland Torpedo Boat Co., prompting Lake to build subs for Russia and Austria. Here is the most detailed bio of Simon Lake and an excellent history of the development of the modern submarine.
6¼" x 9½" 181 pages, index, photos, diagrams, hardbound ISBN 0-89096-894-2
#48 Argonaut $24.95

   Blind Man's Bluff—The Untold Story of American Submarine Espionage by Sherry Sontag and Christopher Drew
"A real-life Hunt for Red October." New York Times
A magnificent achievement in investigative reporting, this book reads like a spy thriller–except everything in it is all true. Here is what happened during the Cold War as American and Soviet subs played a deadly game of cat-and-mouse deep in the world's oceans. Chronicles the daring exploits of naval intelligence specialists to grab Soviet military signals and electronic commo.
5¼" x 8" 406 pages, index, photos, paperbound ISBN 1-891620--08-8
#43 Blind Man's Bluff $14.00

 Submarines of World War Two
by Erminio Bagnasco
It was not just the U.S., Germany, and Japan that had subs during WWII. Woul you believe that Brazil, Denmark, Italy, the USSR, Holland, Latvia, Poland, Norway, and many others Over 400 illustrations and diagrams show the appearance and characteristics of the 2,500 subs of all nations in service or on the stocks from 1939 to 1945.
9½" x 9½" 256 pages, index, photos, paperbound
ISBN 1-85409-532-3
#44 Subs of WWII $29.95

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