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 Big Apple Almanac Volume Three by Patrick M. Reynolds This book contains probably the most comprehensive and poignant accounts of the Collyer brothers–America's most famous packrats. A series of eerie, detailed drawings capture the spookiness of their junk-filled house ith its mazes and booby-traps. Then there is the most elusive counterfeiter whom the Secret Service dubbed "Mr. 880" who turned out to be an old man who knocked out dollar bills with bad spelling. Did you know that the site of the Empire State Building was once a high-rollers' gambling joint and its shady operators brought the most successful baseball franchises to New York? It's all here along with stories about P.T. Barnum, Niblo's Garden, Cardinal "Digger" John Hughes, Edgar Allan Poe, Thomas Nast, Irving Berlin, and John Philip Holland, an Irish schoolteacher who invented the modern submarine. The book also contains a special section on the development of sports in America: baseball, tennis, football, polo, and the first African-American pro basketball team (no, it's not the Harlem Globetrotters).
11¾" x 7" 109 pages, index, fully illustrated, paperbound
ISBN 0-932514-29-4
#A3 Big Apple Almanac 3 $14.95

 Here are some sample pages from Big Apple Almanac Volume Three

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