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We are an art, writing, and publishing company specializing in illustration, cartooning, caricatures, and portraits with pizzazz, calligraphic certificates, and hand-painted signs. Patrick M. Reynolds creates illustrated stories in cartoon form on the history of the U.S., New York, Pennsylvania, the Washington, DC area, and Texas, for newspapers, books, television, and magazines. Don't miss our catalog of books.

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William Johnson

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Recommended books for this series:

knights of the razor

Knights of the Razor

Black Barbers in Slavery and Freedom

by Dourlas Walter Bristol, Jr.
An insightful and well-written narrative of race, racism, and the resourcefulness of black enterprise in the 19th century. By using their wiles and street-smarts, African American men transformed themselves from enslaved workers and servants into successful businessmen and community.

6" x 0" 216 pages, index, paperbound

#547 Knights Razor $24.95

Barber of Natchez

The Barber of Natchez

by Edwin Adams Davis and William Ransom Hogan

Based on Wm. Johnson’s 2,000 page diary, letters, and business records this extraordinary diary from slavery to barber apprentice to opening several shops of his own. As his wealth grew, he expanded into real estate and acquired lare tracts of farm and timber land. This also details his wanton murder and the resulting trials of the man accused of shooting him.

6" x 9" 2778 pages, index, paperbound

#548 Barber Natchez $22.00

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