Hoe america got into world war 1


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TheWorld Remade The World Remade-America in World War 1 by G. J. Meyer
An intriguing and ambitious narrative of the people and events that led to America's entry and action(s) in the war, followed by the failure of the peace, and the changes the conflict brought to our political and social fabric.
6¾" x 9½" 647 pages, photos, index,
hardbound ISBN 978-0-553-39332-3
#556 The World Remade $35.00
March 1917

March 1917 - On the Brink of War and Revolution by Will Englund

A riveting account of the month that tranformed the world's greatest countries, as Russia faced revolution and the United States entered World War 1.
6¾" x 9½" 387 pages, photos, index, hardbound ISBN 978-0-393-292-8-4
#557 March 1917 $32.00