A caricature by syndicated cartoonist Patrick M. Reynolds is a great gift for any occasion–birthday, anniversary, retirement, or for the person who has everything!  

A caricature with the amount of detail shown here costs around $300.00

A comic strip style such as this costs at least $500.00

Pat Reynolds creates caricatures in a variety of styles:

The first sample is a single scene that relates to one or more facets of the person's life, family, occupation, and/or hobby.

The second sample depicts highlights of a person's career or life done as a comic strip.

Here is another idea..


 This caricature was done in watercolor. The size of the painting is about 8 by 10 inches on heavy bristol board measuring about 20 by 28 inches.

The border was signed by most of the members of the priest's parish. These signatures add to the overall attractiveness of the piece because, from a distance, it looks like a texture. Eventually the entire board was matted and framed.

It makes a very special keepsake because of the signatures and messages written in the margins.

Caricatures are often commissioned by employees or co-workers. Their signatures become part of the presentation.

A caricature such as the one at left, because of all the detail, costs about $400.00

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Here is how we work on a caricature
1. Send us a good, clear photo or several photos.
 2. We will work up a pencil sketch and send it to you for your approval or changes.  
3. We make the changes and resubmit the revised sketch to you.
4. When you approve, we will render a final caricature.

5. Another use for a caricature is to embellish a memo pad.

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or telephone (717) 464-3873

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