Note---It is against the Cartoonists' Code of Conduct for a cartoonist to take him–or herself seriously. A cartoonist's biography is no exception––

Patrick M. Reynolds was born at an early age in Pottsville, PA and grew up to about five foot-six in Minersville where he graduated from both high school and the Famous Artists Cartoon Course. He studied Illustration and Visual Communications (a fancy monicker for advertising design) at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Later, under the GI Bill, he scarfed up a Masters of Fine Arts in Illustration at Syracuse University. Patrick has loads of experience drawing cartoons and caricatures. For over a quarter century he has created several weekly syndicated comic strips on little-known histories of various parts of the U.S.

 On the physical side, Patrick walks several miles a day and most often can find his way back home. Except for saving an occasional postage stamp plate block, Patrick has no hobbies because they interfere with his goofing off. But he does, from time to time, dabble in poker and billiards. Some of his goals in life are to learn to clog dance and play the bassoon.