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The Era of the Missons Texas Lore Volumes 11 & 12 by Patrick M. Reynolds
American textbooks mention Columbus and Coronado, then jump to the English colonies along the east coast, but omit the rest of the continent. Volume Eleven concentrates on this neglected era when the French and Spanish were trying to control the continent with Texas as the key. The early settlement of Texas is marked by greed, conflict, and intrigue, culminating in the ridiculous "Chicken War." Volume Twelve contains a variety of stories such as: the founding of Fort Worth, Jay Gould's railroad, the German Comanche, the Greek pirate of Galveston, the Chinese in El Pase, towns with unique names, etc.
7¾" x 10¾" 112 pages, illus., paperb'd. I
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#T11-12 Texas Lorre 11-12 $6.95

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