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   Please scroll down to see an enlarged version of these stories about William Penn's brewery and how we chose one of our state symbols.

These stories appear in the Pennsylvania Profiles books shown here.


It Started In Pennsylvania
by Patrick M. Reynolds
You will be surprised at how many everyday things started in the Commonwealth and this books gives the amusing details on several: root beer, Planters Peanuts, toilet paper, nursing schools, professional baseball, iron bridges, and the first labor strike, and the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the first of its kind in the U.S. Amusing stories include the "Dragon Lady of Pennsylvania and the odd-ball meanings of certain towns around the state, and much more.
8¼" X 10½" 56 pages, fully illustrated, paperbound ISBN 0-932514-22-7
#P14 It Started in PA $3.95


 Keystone Chronicles
by Patrick Reynolds Along with the state flower this book describes other state symbols plus the meaning of the state coat of arms. Here are amusing but true stories about the sneaky start of professional footabll and other Pennsylvania FIRSTS: the autogiro-forerunner of the helicopter, the hook and eye, caruosel horses, and the American flag. There are notable women: a Revolutionary War spy, a steel magnate, and a philanthropist.
8¼" X 10½" 56 pages, fully illustrated, paperbound ISBN 0-932514-25-1
#P15 Keystone Chronicles $6.95


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