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 The Johnstown Flood and other Stories Pennsylvania Profiles Volume Thirteen
by Patrick M. Reynolds
Half of this book is devoted to the Johnstown Flood of 1889, starting with the wealthy South Fork Fishing Club and its neglect of the South Fork Dam which burst sending tons of water down the Conemaugh Valley. What is surprising about this incident is the fact that it took the flood an hour to reach the city of Johnstown. Once the dam broke, it inundated several towns in its path along with a passenger train, a wire factory, and a canal viaduct. The sequence of destruction is dramatically narrated and illustrated. Other stories in this book include the eccentric Albert C. Barnes and his wonderful collection of Modern Art; Joseph Murgas, the priest who invented the radio in Wilkes Barre; the man who lettered the U.S. Constitution; America's first fire company; Henry John Heinz, John Wilkes Booth, Penn-Dutch food lore, portrait painters, Fort Augusta, Doodlebuts, and much more. 8¼" x 10 5/8" 56 pages, fully illustrated, paperbound
ISBN 0-932514-20-0
#P13 PA Profiles 13 $25.00
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