It Started in Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Profiles Volume Fourteen by Patrick M. Reynolds This book starts with a comprehensive, illustrated history of the Pennsylvania Turnpike: how the defunct South Penn Railroad built tunnels through western PA mountians that the Turnpike later enlarged and used, the political naneuverings that created the Turnpike commission followed by the wheeling and dealing to get it financed, and finally the race to complete it before the federal funding ran out. Other stories include the gold mine in Potter County, the invention of toilet paper and root beer, the beginning of Planters Peanuts, the founder of Chautauqua, towns with Indian names, Hollywood's most famous gossip columnist, indentured servants, the murder of a bigamist preacher in Somerset County, the founding of Nazareth and McKees Rocks and much more. Another highlight of this book is the story about Pennsylvania's Dragon Lady, Ann Carson who conspired to save her boyfriend from the gallows by kidnapping the governor's son and holding him until the gov pardoned her lover. Below are sample pages
8¼" x 10 5/8" 56 pages, fully illustrated, paperbound ISBN 0-932514-22-7
#P13 PA Profiles 13 $6.95
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