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 Colorful Characters of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Profiles Volume Twelve
by Patrick M. Reynolds
Little-known facts about historical characters in Pennsylvania such as how William Penn wheeled and dealed in real estate to develop his colony; the struggle and failures of young Milton S. Hershey as he tried to start his own candy-making business; the experiment to run steamboats on the Susquehanna River and the subsequent disaster; Frederick Stump and the massacre on Middle Creek; how the Johnson brothers from Carbondale started the world's most famous pharmaceutical company; the "Prop Merchants"–entrepreneurs who sold timber to support the ceilings of coal mines; Silas Pratt's boom town, the Pittsfield Riot; the beer well in Franklin; the Adena giants–Indians who built mysterious mounds in Erie County, the wild boy of Potter County; Chief Black Hawk's misadventures in Uniontown and Phila.; the foul-ups which led tot the U.S. Constitutional Convention, the first Swedish govs., the first flying machine; the first washing machines; and more. 8¼" x 10 5/8" 56 pages, fully illustrated, paperbound ISBN 0-932514-17-0
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