Pennsylvania Profiles Volume Eleven by Patrick M. Reynolds
Did you know that Pennsylvania once had its own Navy? Would you believe that William Penn owned slaves at his estate in Bucks County? Or that house numbers were started by a one-armed sea captain in Philly? These and other wild stories include: the French & Indian War in PA as brilliant strategists: Chiefs Shingas and Captain Jacobs of the Delawares battle Col. John Armstrong and Captain Hugh Mercer of the PA Militia at Kittanning.Other stories include how the U.S Postal System started, the first Indianapolis 500, the founding of the University of Pittsburgh and St. Vincent College, the Harwick Mine disaster, and more.
Sample pages of this book are shown below. 8¼" x 10 5/8" 56 pages, fully illustrated, paperbound ISBN 0-932514-16-2
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