A History of the Indians of the United States
by Angie Debo
The political, social, and military conflicts and foul-ups between the Indians and whites from the colonial era to the 1970s.
6” x 9” 450 pages, index, maps, illustrated, paperbound
#300 Indians in the US $24.95

 Susquehanna's Indians
by Barry C. Kent
Culturally and linguistically, the Susquehannocks closely resembled the Iroquois of New York state. Actually, they were a fiercely independent nation that lived along the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania and Maryland. They often invaded the tribes of lower Maryland. This is a detailed narrative of the Susquehannocks' lifestyle, villages,
and artifacts. Also describes their relationship with the Conestogas, Conoy, Shawnee, Delaware, and other tribes that lived along the river.
6" x 9" 440 pages, index, illustrated, maps, paperbound
#372 Susquehanna's Indians $16.95

 American Indians and World War II
by Alison R. Bernstein
The impact of World War II on Indian affairs was more provound and lasting than that of any other event or policy, including FDR's Indian New Deal and eforts to terminate federal responsibility for tribes under Eisenhower. Focusing on the period from 1941 to 1947, Bernstein explains why termination and tribal self-determination wer logical results of the Indians' World War II experiences in battle and on the home front. Includes a brief story of the Navajo Marine Codetalkers and Ira Hayes, a Pima Indian who helped raise the flag at Iwo Jima.
5½" x 8½" 247 pages, index, some photos, paperbound
#373 Indians & WWII $19.95

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