The Texas Rangers
by Walter Prescott Webb
In the early days of Texas when men moved in ahead of legalized power, they made their own rules with little regard for the property or persons of others. In addition to these men were peaceful settlers intent on developing ares claimed by Indians, plus men disputing both sides of the Texas-Mexican border—a situation which threatened to make the frontier of Texas a no-mans land. Into this arena rode a small group of men destined to become a model for state law-enforcements agencies throughout the country, a group whose fame was to become worldwide—THE TEXAS RANGERS.
6" x 9" 584 pages, illustrated, index, paperbound ISBN 0-292-78110-5
#129 Texas Rangers $22.95

 Here is a condensed version of
The Texas Rangers Audio Tape
by Walter Prescott Webb narrated by Steve Fromholz
Formed in 1835 to battle for Texas's freeedom, the Rangers remained a formidable force for over a centuryu, tangling with thieves, bootleggers, killers, and hostile Indians. They saw action in the Mexican War, the Cortinas War, the Salt War, and other conflicts. Their colorful leaders are also described, including W.W. Bigfoot Wallace, Captain John C. Hays, Major John B. Jones, & others.
Approx 3 hours 2 cassettes
#364 TX Rangers Audio $18.00

 The Raven A Biography of Sam Houston
by Marquis James
This biography earned the Pulitzer Prize for Mr. James. Sam Houston was one of the most unique and colorful characters in American history. He rose from a poor upbringing to holder of some of the highest political offices in the land: General in the U.S. Army, Congressman, Governor of Tennessee, Ambassador of the Cherokee Nation, Commander-in-Chief of the Texas Army, President of the Republic of Texas, U. S. Senator from the state of Texas. Amidst these accomplishments were fights, duels, confrontations, political intrigue, and much more.
6" x 9" 489 pages, index, paperbound ISBN 0-292-77040-5
#365 The Raven $22.95
  Miriam—Miriam Amanda Ferguson of Bell County
by May Nelson Paulissen and Carl McQueary
The southern belle who became the first woman governor of Texas, this is the lady who sent the Texas Rangers after Bonnie & Clyde—and they got 'em. With the initials M.A., she was affectionately called Ma Ferguson. After her husband, Governor James Pa Ferguson, was impeached in 1917, Miriam ran for and was elected governor...twice. This is the story of her life, and that of her husband's, along with a history of Texas in the first third of the 20th century.
6¼" x 9¼" 347 pages, index, illustrated, hardbound
#366 Miriam $27.95
   Texas Curiosities
by John Kelso
Quirky characters, roadside oddities & other offbeat stuff—here is your round-trip ticket to more than 225 of the wildest, wackiest, most outrageous people, places, and things the Lone Star State has to offer. Humor columnist John Kelso has chronicled the one-of-a-kind hems that make his home state truly unique: a man who hammers nails up his nose, a woman who dresses her car like a cow, and a family of championship bubbleblowers. Here are places to taste fried rattlesnake, chicken-fried bacon, the worlds largest fruitcake, and other Texas delicacies. Texas Curiosities is proof that Texas is a mother lode of goofy stuff with this guide to the weirdly wonderful.
5½ x 8½" 282 pages, index, illustrated, paperbound
#367 TX Curiousities $12.95
   The Indians of Texas From Prehistoric To Modern Times
by W. W. Newcomb, Jr.
This is the most comprehensive and athoritative description of the Indians of Texas and is an invaluble reference for students of Texas history, anthropologists, and lovers of Indian lore. Covers every tribe from the cannibalistic Karankawa to the nomadic Lipan Apaches.Also described are the Caddo Confederacies, the provincial Atakapans, the Wichitas, Jumanos, Comanches, and more.
6" x 9" 404 pages, indes, maps, illustrated, paperbound
#126 Indians of Texas $19.95
   Nameless Towns—Texas Sawmill Communities —1880-1942
By Thad Sitton and James H. Conrad
Sawmill communities were once the thriving centers of East Texas life. Many sprang up almost overnight ina pine forest clearing, and many disappeared just as quickly after the company cut out" it last trees. But during their heyday, these company towns made Texas the nation's third-largest lumber producer and created a colorful way of life—from the hard, awesomely dangerous mill work to the dances, picnics and other recreations that offered welcome diversions.
6 x 9¼" 257 pages, index, illustrated, paperbound
#368 Nameless Towns $18.95

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