It Happened in Virginia by Emilee Hines
Little-known, fascinating stories from Virginia’s intriguing past including: seeking the Beale treasure, a massive bank embezzlement by the unlikliest of thieves, the Richmond theater fire, a cigarette rollingmachine that sparked a vast tobacco fortune, Bacon’s Rebellion, Gabriel’s slave insurrection, how the Barter Theater started, the dancer named Bojangles, Virginia’s notorious modern-day spy, and more.
6” x 9” 144 pages, index, paperbound
#447 It Happened in VA $12.95

 Virginia Folk Legends
Edited by Thomas E. Barden
Here are hundreds of legends including haunted houses, Railroad Bill, “Justice John” Crutchfield, lost silver mines, the curse of the carbine, Indian yarns, devil dogs, witches, and unusual events, are among the stories in this entertaining book. Folklorist Thomas E. Barden brings to light these delightful tales, most of which have never been in print.
6” x 9” 348 pages, paperbound
#318 VA Folk Legends $18.95

  George Washington's Mount Vernon
by Benson J. Lossing
This hardbound book is a facsimile of the 1870 volume. The author, Benson Lossing, was primarily an artist who annotated his original work with line drawings of people involved with Mount Vernon, the out buildings, details of furnishings and clothing, The narrative describes how the land was originally deeded, how the mansion was designed and built, how Washington came to own it, and the lifestyle of George Washington at Mt. Vernon.
6½" x 9½" 446 pages, index, illustrated, hardbound
#04 Mount Vernon $10.95

Quilts of Virginia 1607-1899 The Birth of America Through the Eyes of a Needle Presented by the Virginia Consortium of Quilters
This organization of quilters has published this book as their part in commemorating Virginia's 400th anniversary. Here are over 270 beautiful historic quilts and ephemerea in over 325 color and vintage photos. From quilted armor of the 17th century to crazy quilts of the 19th century, these personal family and museum treasures include homespun work of slaves and fancy work of freed women and First Ladies. Doubly informative as the text contains backgrounds of each quilt and a running history of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Also contains a glossary of quilter's terms, a timeline of VA history, and a list of places where quilts are displayed.
8½" X 11" 168 pages, index, fully illustrated, paperbound ISBN 0-7643-2465-9
#120 Quilts of Virginia $29.95

 Seashore Chronicles Three Centuries of the Virginia Barrier Islands
Today most of the barrier islands are nature preserves with no human habitation. Consequently it may come as a surprise to learn that virtually all these islands once had settlements, most of which failed. This book is a collection of articles about many of the island written by historians, travel writers, artists, and people who journeyed there fore pleasure or imagines profits. Contents include: stories on Smith Island by George Washington Parke Custis and his grandson Robert E. Lee; Chincoteague by Howard Pyle; Cobb's Island by Joseph F. Morgan; Revel's Island by George Shiras III, Robb's Island by Lynn Meekins, & more.
6" x 9" 249 pages, index, photos, paperbound
#94 Seashore Chronicles $14.95

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