Rainbow Dinner Theater in Pardise wanted their logo painted above the entrance. None of the "digital" or "computer" sign companies would touch the assignment because they could not reproduce the "colorful reflection." So, the sign had to be hand painted, and the Red Rose Studio did the job.

 For over forty years I have been painting signs on all kinds of surfaces for many organizations: businesses, schools, colleges, hospitals, theaters, government agencies, clubs, etc.

If you do not want the computer-generated, stick-on letters, or if you have a special logo, coat of arms, monogram, or picture that you want to have painted on any surface, contact us.


This jewelry store has been around for decades, so when new owners wanted the sign touched up, yet retain that old feeling, they called the Red Rose Studio. We actually made a new sign and hand-lettered the new copy, and painted the old filigreed border. The sign is bolted to a brick wall.

 Millersville University wanted an elegant banner to use at formal ceremonies such as Freshman Welcome Day and Commencement. This sign was painted on vinyl measuring 4 by 8 feet.

The colorful state coat of arms really adds "class" to this banner.

Fossil has their logo painted inside their stores on actual bricks and mortar. Thus, digital stick on letters will not work. Patrick Reynolds painted this sign with Fossil's exact corporate colors with latex paint.

 How we work:

Tell us what you need and we will
1. Work up a full-color layout to scale.
2, Send it to you for your approval or changes.
3. Rework the layout.
4. Send it back to you for approval.
5. Produce a finished hand painted sign.

For costs and estimates, contact us by e-mail—redrosestudio@dejazzd.com
or phone us at (717)464-3873