Patrick M. Reynolds creates both full-color and black & white illustrations for magazines, books, newspapers, television, and other media. Patrick specializes in illustrations that require extensive research for equipment, conveyances costumes, etc.

Equally important, Patrick delivers each job on time and within budget requirements.

Here are a few samples of his work:

Commissioned by the National Watch & Clock Museum, this illustration was made into a slide as part of an exhibit to show how a clock was used by surveyors Mason and Dixon to determine their famous boundary between Maryland and Pennsylvania. The original is in the museum's library.

Both of these illustrations were done for Pennsylvania magazine.


 Mr. Reynolds has various styles that range from realistic to whimsical.

Dinosaur Fun Book and Donkeys Can't Sleep...were done for The Weekly Reader; Texas Times, done for Harcourt Brace, contains about 188 of Reynolds' stories and is used to teach Texas history.


 Patrick created this poster for the U.S. Department of Defense Commemorations Commission. As a retired Army officer, Reynolds has an excellent grasp of military tactics, equipment, and uniforms. Note the accuracy on the uniforms of the different countries. The Pentagon was so pleased with this poster that they awarded Patrick the Dept. of the Army Public Service Award and Medal.

Copies of this poster are on display at the Eisenhower Library in Abilene, KS and military installations around the world.

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