Unsung Sailors–The Naval Armed Guard in World War II
by Justin F. Gleichauf
In this highly readable and action-packed book, Justin Gleichauf has given members of "the other Navy" they just, though belated, due. For five years, he tracked down more than a hundred Armed Guard veterans and based much of this largely untold story on interviews and correspondence with them. The result is a complete picture of life aboard an astounding variety of vessels, including the famed Liberty ships. He also describes the origin of the Armed Guard in the first World War, and gives its table of organization. Also included are the Nazi U-boat operations, sea battles and disasters, and the Armed Guard's action in the Mediterranean, the Pacific, and the freezing Atlantic.
6" x 9" 432 pages, index, illustrated, paperbound
#96 Unsung Sailors $21.95
    No Surrender–True Stories of the U.S. Navy Armed Guard in World War II
by Gerald Reminick
The stories in this book are told by those who experienced them, but they are really more than that. As was–and, sadly, still is true of the merchant mariners alongside whom they served, the Armed Guard has never received the proper recognition and acknowledgement for its patriotic service and sacrifices. Lightly armed and manned, in circumstances of extreme danger, against the full might of the Nazis, and the Japanese on the sea and in the air, they persevered in the crucially important task of protecting the critical supplylines. Without their valiant efforts none of the great historic battles, which command so much of the attention, could have been won.
6" x 9" 400 pages, index, illustrated, paperbound
#97 No Surrender $24.95

  World War II A Visual Encyclopedia
Edited by the great military historian John Keegan this oversized book recounts the major campaigns and battles on every front with maps & photos; has bios and photos of leaders and notables, both civilian and military; describes every major weapon and weapons system used by the combatants on both sides throughout the war: ships, aircraft, tanks, armored vehicles, artillery pieces, and small arms. A great overview history.
8¾ x 12” 512 pages, illustrated, paperbound
#440 WWII Visual Ency. $24.95

 World War II 4,139 Strange and Fascinating Facts
by Dan McCombs and Fred L. Worth
Did you know that one of Hitler's personal trains was called "Amerika?" Juicy tid-bits like this are covered in this comprehensive handbook. With items listed alphabetically, you will learn about the prime movers, plots, parleys, propaganda, trials, codes, battles, and skirmishes, along with the origin of such terms as "Nazi" and "Gung Ho."
6¼" x 9¼" 662 pages, hardbound
#132 WWII Strange Facts $13.00
   The Messman Chronicles –African Americans in the U.S. Navy, 1932–1943 by Richard E. Miller
Despite racial discrimination and second-class status with in the enlisted corps, the U.S. Navy's mess attendants, officers' cooks, and stewards compled aproud legacy of combat servicein World War II. The heroism of a few like "Dorie" Miller, became well known to the American public, but most have long been forgotten. This book tells the story of these thousands of unheraldedsailors of African descent who served in frontline combat with fellow messmen of Filipino,Guamanian, and Chinese ancestry.
6" x 9" 391 pages, index, photos, hardbound
#467 Messman Chronicles

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