The Korean War

   Battle For Korea A History of the Korean Conflict
—Fiftieth Anniversary Edition—
by Robert J. Dvorchak
An impressive, large format book that is heavily illustrated with 304 photographs taken directly from original Associated Press negatives, most of them appearing here for the first time in half a century. The narrative give the reader a thorough understanding of the war by breaking it down into its main phases. Most interesting is the description and map of the battles in 1952-53 for the infamous hills such as Pork Chop, Heartbreak Ridge, Old Baley, Bloody Ridge, the Hook, T-Bone and others. Special to this 50th Anniversary Edition is a directory of Korean War tours, memorials,
associations, interest groups, and other information sources.
9” x 12” 320 pages, index, fully illustrated, paperbound
#342 Battle for Korea $27.50

 In Mortal Combat—Korea, 1950–1953
by John Toland
This is the most exciting, can’t-put-down book on the Korean War that describes the war from the viewpoints of the strategic planners down to the “grunt” on the front line. It reads more like an action novel than an historical narrative. Descriptions of battles, campaigns, & retreats are interspersed with personal accounts by fighting men from Allied and Communist veterans.
5¾” x 9” 624 pages, photos, maps, index, paperbound
#133 In Mortal Combat $16.00

 A Short History of the Korean War
by James L. Stokesbury
You will get a thorough understanding of the Korean War in this compact, consice and enjoyable book. Included are items not covered in other histories: what life was like in the U.S. during the war, the air war and battles for the hills later in the war. There’s enough battle detail to produce a flesh-and-blood book, not just a diplomatic and strategic overview.
6” X 9¼” 276 pages, index, paperbound
#345 Short Hist of Korean War $11.00

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