Here are comics books illustrated by four of the top illustrators in the country: Angelo Torres, Richard Rockwell, and Gray Morrow. Each book measures 6½" x 10" with 45 full-color pages, and bios of the commanding generals.

   Strange But True Facts of the Civil War
by Patrick M. Reynolds
This new book combines Civil War stories from Reynolds' illustrated series: Pennsylvania Profiles, Texas Lore, Big Apple Almanac, and Flashbacks, plus over 50 pages of new material on other parts of the country. For example, the northernmost Confederate Raid (into Vermont) was done to rob banks; there was a regiment of old men formed in Iowa; all sorts of unique weapons first apperaed in this war such as hand grenades, land mines, machine guns, etc. And, did you know that the 101st Airborne's Screaming Eagle symbol originated in a Wisconsin regiment? There a also many stories about women in the war.
11" x 7½" 122 pages, index, fully illustrated, paperbound
F3 Strange But True Civil War $18.95

 Best Little Stories from the Civil War by C. Brian Kelly
A collection of over a hundred stories gleaned from letters, diaries, and eyewitness accounts by leaders, soldiers, spies, and women that concentrate on human interest. Filled with pathos, cheer, tragedy, and irony.
6” x 9” 332 pages, index, paperbound
#250 Best Little CW Stories $14.95
  Scandals of the Civil War
by Douglas Lee Gibboney
A rollicking, behind-the-scenes glimpse of bad behavior, off-duty antics, and naughthenanigans, duels, and outrageous escapades of North & South soldiers.
6” x 9” 239 pages, index, paperbound
ISBN 1-57249-364-X
#17 Scandals of the Civil War $9.95

Unknown Civil War
by Webb Garrison
Odd, peculiar, and unusual stories of the War Between the States, divided into the following chapters: Shenanigans and Snafus: the Railsplitter and his Clan: Slavery: Generals and Battles: Myths, Ridles, and Enigmas: First Happenings and Doings; Johnny Reb and Billy Yank; Record Makers and Breakers; Fresh and Salt Water; and Laws and Politics.
6” x 9” 301 pages, index, illustrated, paperbound
#421 Unknown Civil War $14.95

The Civil War Strange & Fascinating Facts by Burke Davis
Wonderfully entertaining, this almanac takes a new look at the personalities and events of the years 1861–1865. Among the "firsts" of this era were the submarine, the snorkel, the income tax, aerial reconnaissance, the first black Army officer. Also: the symbols of the Confederacy, famousonlookers, whatever happened to some of the famous and lesser-known characters; and more.
6¼” x 9¼” 249 pages, illustrated, hardbound
#35 Civil War Facts $12.95

 Secret Missions of the Civil War by Philip Van Doren Stern
Here are first-hand accounts by men and women who risked their lives as saboteurs, fuerillas, spies, commandoes, or privateers in the Civil War. These stories werekept from the public until 1953 in order to protect the people involve and their descendants. Their stories range from the Confederate Torpedo Service to blockade runners; from Morgan and his raiders to the attempt to burn New York City, plus other nefarious exploits.
6¼” x 9¼” 320 pages, illustrated, hardbound
#65 Secret Missions $10.00

Robert E. Lee - A Biography by Emory M. Thomas
In doing Flashbacks, we use a lot of reference books. In our opinion, this one is the best. Aside from its accuracy and non-biased approach, It is an easy, fast-moving, and enjoyable read. From his struggles as a youth with his father's humiliation (find out in the book), to his frustrating marriage into a proper and prominent family, Lee, the uncertain scion, skilled engineer, consumate warrior, and college president--was actually an enigmatic person of latent passions--all revealed in this book. As showin in this cartoon, his father in law's always looked down on Lee. In his will, old man Custis left Lee's wife and kids everything. Lee inherited a building lot in Washington and the task of paying ol' Custis' debts.
6" x 9" 473 pages, index, photos and battle maps, paperbound
#494 Robert E. Lee - Bio $19.95

 Spies & Spymasters of the Civil War by Donald E. Markle Exciting exploits of female agents, Negro spy networks, odd-ball spy groups, telegraphic spies, plus a long list of known spies for both the Union and Confederates.
6 “ x 9” 244 pages, index, paperbound
#307 Spies & Spymasters $14.95

 Maryland in the Civil War –A House Divided
by R.I. Cottom & M. E. Hayward
Did you know that the first blood shed in the war, the first soldier executed, and the worst battle – all took place in Maryland? It’s all here plus little known characters and incidents.
8½”x 11” 128 pages, index, illustrated, paperbound
#305 MD in Civil War $24.95

 Civil War in Texas & New Mexico Territory by Steve Cottrell This book reveals stories about the War Between the States that are overlooked by most history books and gives accounts of nineteen battles that took place in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizone.This book describes the exploits of Sibley's Brigade–three regiments of the Texas Mounted Volunteers led by General Henry Sibley out of Fort Bliss; Union Col. Kit Carson pursued the Navajo in Arizona, Col. John Baylor (namesake of a University, led Confederate troops in New Mexico, and Irish Rebs held off U.S warships.
5½” x 8¼” 141 pages, illustrated, paperbound
#308 Civil War in Tx & NM $9.95

 Civil War Virginia– Battleground for a Nation
by James I. Robertson, Jr.
A capsule-narration of the war in Virginia told from the Confederate point of view.
5½”x 8½” 188 pages, index,illustrated, paperbound
#303 Civil War Battleground VA $11.95


 Civil War Sites in Virginia A Tour Guide
by James I. Robertson, Jr.
A companion to the above, filled with over 400 sites, monuments, and curiosities.
5½”x 8½” 108 pages, index, illustrated, paperbound
#304 Civil War Sites VA $7.95

Save $2 – VA Civil War Books #303-4 $17.90

   Black Confederates
by Phillip Thomas Tucker, Ph.D.
Did you know that slaves served in the Confederate Army? One of the lost chapters of Civil War history has been the passive and even active support that many Southern blacks, free and slave, gave to the Confederacy. This volume is an informative narrative based on correspondence, military records, interviews with veterans, newspaper accounts, and more from these brave men who served what they considered their country.
6" x 9" 191 pages, index, photos, paperbound
#51 Black Confederates $18.95

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