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Lone Star Legacies Texas Lore Volume Eight by Patrick M. Reynolds Featured here are nventions and innovations: Bill Pickett, the African-American who started the rodeo skill of bulldogging; the first automobile law in Texas; America's first self-service supermarket, Andrew Rube" Foster, the founder of the Negro National Baseball League; musician Bob Wills created western swing music and made western music popular to easterners, his Light Crust Doughboys helped launch the political career of W. Lee "Pappy" O'Daniel; Admiral Ed Eberle who developed naval smoke screen tactics, mine sweeping and mine laying techniques; and the first Czech band in Texas. Other stories include the Indian raids on the Irish settlement of Staggers Point and the reaction by Ben Bryant's posse, Little Denmark in Lee County, Fort Elliott, and the Rath Trail used by bullalo hunters and traders in the Panhandle, the notorious filibuster expeditions and much more. 7¾" x 10¾" 56 pages, fully illustrated, paperbound. ISBN 0-932514-23-5 #T8 TX Lore 8 $6.95

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