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 Unusual Stories From Texas History Texas Lore Volume Six by Patrick M. Reynolds Contains: the Sam Bass Gang, the most inept and unluckiest regegades in the West; June Echols, the flim-flam man and his silver scam; "Frenchy," the belle of Tascosa; a salesman who started car dealershhips all over Texas-his name was Eddie Rickenbacker and he went on to earn the Medal of Honor as a World War I flying ace; J.Frank Dobie, the father of Texas folklore and Texas' first great literary figure; mercury mining in the Big Bend; the comancheros; the Colorado River "Raft;" the first telegraph in Texas; the first air-conditioned house in Texas. The book also has the story of a Confederate triumph during the Civil War and it was the work of a Texan, Col. John robert Baylor who led a cavalry regiment against Yankee forts in New Mexico and Arizona, then governed the Confederate Territory of Arizona. All went well until Baylor lost his mind and Pres. Jeff Davis fired him. 7¾" x 10¾" 56 pages, fully illustrated, paperbound. ISBN 0-932514-18-9 #T6 TX Lore 6 $6.95

 Here are some sample pages of Texas Lore Volume 6
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