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The Era of the Missions Texas Lore Volumes 11–12 by Patrick M. Reynolds Here is an era that is hardly mentioned in American history books because most of the historians take the English point of view. Consequently, three-fourths of what is now the United States is overlooked. Volume Eleven fills that gap by describing the struggle between the French and Spanish for control over the land west of the Mississippi. To protect their territory, the Spanish viceroy in Mexico City sent soldiers and missionaries into Texas to build missions and presidios. Here is all the action and excitement of the various expeditions into Texas to win the hearts and minds of the natives and establish Spanish law, customs, and government. Volume Twelve covers a wide range of subjects such as the founding of Fort Worth, the first Englishmen in Texas, how Texas saved the wine industry in France, Babe Didrickson, the father of the Texas citrus industry, the first radion broadcast, and much more. 7¾" x 10¾" 56 pages, fully illustrated, paperbound. ISBN 0-932514-30-8 #T11–12 TX Lore 11–12 $8.95

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