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Texas Lore Volume Ten
by Patrick M. Reynolds

Stories include: Spanish gold, the lost treasure on Padre Island, James Bowie robs the Mexican army payroll at the Grass Fight, the sugar industry in Texas, the story of Jesse Chisholm and his famous cattle trail. This book also contains illustrated accounts of wars and feuds in Texas: the Mason County war, also called the Hoodoo War, which pitted the Texas Rangers against Johnny Ringo and the Scott Cooley gang; and the Fence Cutters War during which armed bands calling themselves the Owls, Javelinas, and the Blue Devils ripped up and destroyed barbed wire fences on the high plains. Here again the Texas Rangers were called in to capture the fence cutters. Order was finally restored after the gunfight at Pecan Bayou. There are plenty of other true stories that will amuse, surprise, and entertain you.
7¾" x 10¾" 56 pages, fully illustrated,
paperb'd. ISBN 0-932514-28-6
#T10 TX Lore 10 $6.95

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