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 Texas Lore Volumes 1, 2, 3, & 4 by Patrick M. Reynolds This book is has four sections: (1) A brief chronological history, (2) Characters, (3) Places and Things, (4) Nationalities, Arts, and Sports. It covers prehistoric Texas, Indian tribes, the Spanish conquistadors, missionaries, empresarios, the Texas Revolution, the camel corps, Civil War, cattle barons, gunfighters, Texas Rangers, & entertainers. Among the 208 illustrated stories are: the WASPS-Women's Air Force Service Pilots, the wild 'n' wooly Archives War, Old Rip-the horned toad that wouldn't die, music pioneers Scott Joplin and Blind Lemon Jefferson, the dangerous Cisco Santa, Deaf Smith-Texas' best spy/scout, Three-Legged Willie Williamson, the ordeal of Cabeza de Vaca, Brit "Bury-Me-a-Standin'-Up" Bailey, the Mighty Mites, Buffalo Soldiers, Horse Marines, the spinach capital of the world, and more! 7¾" x 10¾" 112 pages, illustrated, paperbound. ISBN 0-932514-27-8 #T1–4 TX Lore 1–4 $14.95

 Here are some sample pages of Texas Lore Volumes 1–4...
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