The Beer & Whiskey League–The Illustrated History of the American Association–Baseball's Renegade Major League by David Nemec
Although the American Association lasted only a decade, from 1882 to 1891, it rewrote the playbook on baseball, establishing manyu of the conventions we still honor. By 1882 the owners of the six teams in the National League controlled baseball. I keeping withthe moreals of the day, Sunday games were verboten, liquor wasn't sold in parks, and admission was kept igh to keep out the "riff raff." Baseball was a gentleman's game. Then, along came the American Association, ushering in the most freewheeling years of baseball, challenging the National League's hold on the nation's pasttime. This is the most comprehensive look at the AA. Along with the fast-moving narrative, the book is loaded with over 200 vintage photos, most never before published.
8" x 10" 260 pages, index, illustrated, paperbound
#83 Beer & Whiskey League $18.95

 The Pittsburgh Steelers - The Official Team History
by Abby Mendelson
Here is a thundering account of a team whose heritage is characterized by the same rugged confidence and gritty determination displayed by their many fans throughout the years. More than 250 photos are combined with riviting text and highlights of the players, coaches, games, and legends, started by Art Rooney (known affectionally as “the chief).
6" x 9¼" 329 pages, index, photos, hardbound
#470 Pittsburgh Steelers $34.95


 College Football
by John Sayle Watterson
A gritty, no-holds-barred history rich in anecdotes and colorful characters, from 1876 to the 1990s. Described are the gouges, kicks, and punches that nearly led to the sport’s demise, the reforms of 1910, the flow of cash and scandals in the 1920s, revelations of illicit aid for student athletes in the 1930s, the post-war “Sanity Code,” the issues of gender and race, and the growth of TV revenue. Chapters include the origins of big-time football-1876 to 1894, the first football controversy, spreading scandal, saints and sinners, crisis and reform, the flight from disorder-big time football in postwar America, the accidental reform: African Americans at predominatly white schools, football scandals in the 1980s. the revolt of the pigskin elect, and more.
6½” x 10½” 456 pages, index, photos paperbound
#410 Coll Football $25.00

Legends of the Philadelphia Phillies
by Robert Gordon
Here are color photos and bio of some great players from the last half of the 20th cnetury to the present icluding: Bobby Abreu, Richie Ashburn, Steve Carlton, Clay Dalrymple, Darren Daulton, Mike Lieberthal, Mike Schmidt, Robin Roberts, Bobby Shantz, Tug McGraw, Pete Incaviglia, and Mitch Williams. Also a brief history...did you know that the Phillies were originally the Worcester (Mass.) Ruby Red Legs?
8½" x 11" 148 pages, index, illustrated, hardbound
ISBN 1-58261-810-0
#471 Phillies Legends $24.95

 Redskins–A History of Washington's Team
Not only does this book contain a biography of Sam Baugh, it tells how he got the nickname Slingin' (hint-it was not in football). This is the best history of the Redskins with updated improvements: an expanded introduction, a new chapter on the Snyder years, new color and black-and-white photos, updated compilations of all the games and all the players since 1937. More important, it is an enjoyable, amusing read. Do you remember the great Redskins team captain whose playing career ended when he injured himself after a coin toss? Do you know which players made up the Papoose Backfield? Then there's the time President suggested a play for a playoff game that the Redskins lost.
7½" x 9" 278 pages, index, illustrated, paperbound
#439 Redskins $15.95

 Hail Redskins–A Celebration of the Greatest Players, Teams, and Coaches
by Richard Whittingham; Foreword by Joe Gibbs
A "must have for any fan of the Washington Redskins, this easy, fast paced read is loaded with photos. Starting with the Redskins' heritage, the book has chapters on the team's great runners, passers, receivers, and defenders. A chapter called "The Almost Years" is a quickie rundown of many of the national championship games from 1936 to rercent Super Bowls.
8" x 9" 294 pages, index, illustrated
#463 Hail Redskins $17.95

 Legends of the Track
Great Moments in Stock Car Racing

by Duane Falk
A history of the National Association of Stock Car Racing with an emphasis on the sport’s most famous tracks. Here are asphalt-blistering tales of the greatest events that have unfolded at each one over the years. The book is loaded with interesting vintage black-and-white and color photos of the cars, drivers, tracks, along with exciting race scenes.
9” x 12” 176 pages, index, illustrated, hardbound
#406 Legends of the Track $20.95

 Maryland Basketball by Paul McMullen
The highs and lows, points and penalties of theUniversity of Maryland cagers who played at Cole Field House, compiling an impressive record of 485-151 with All-Americans such as Tom McMillen, Len Elmore, John Lucas, Albert King, Walt Williams, and others.
8" x 10" 192 pages, index, illustrated, hardbound
#417 MD Basketball $30.95

 Baseball's Greatest Hit - The Story of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game by Andy Strasberg, Bob Thompson, and Tim Wiles
This full-color, hardcover book presents the fascinating narrative of how "Ball Game" has come to take a unique place in our cultural heritage. With images of historical newspaper clippings, baseball cards, sheet music, movie stills, ballplayers at the mic, and of course, Harry Caray leading the crowd at Wrigley.The authors trace the song's evolution over the past century from the days of Tin Pan Alley and sheet music pluggers, through the early role of women as baseball players, and fans; through movie musicals, baseball's expansion west, rock and roll, to modern ballparks.
Note: This book is out of print; if you order it, most likely we will send you an unsold "return" from a remainder dealer, or a used book in very good condition.
9" x 11½" 210 pages, index, color photos and illustrations throughout, hardbound
#528 Baseball's Greatest Hit $29.95


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