The Ghosts of Virginia Volume One by L. B. Taylor
Gripping tales include: an ashen-faced young lady who rises from her Goucester gravesite; taunting haunts at Robert E. Lee's boyhood home in Alexandria; a mystery ship that vanishes in the Chesapeake Bay mist; the legendary Lynchburg cradle rocked by unseen hands; the poisoned bride at Brandon plantation; Richmond's spectral rogue who guards a hidden trreasure; the ghost hound of the Blue Ridge; Shenandoah spirits who refight the Civil War and more.
5½" x 8½" 386 pages, photos, paperbound
#397 VA Ghosts Vol 1 $15.95

 The Ghosts of Virginia Volume Three by L. B. Taylor
More strange tales such as: the first ghosts of Virginia; the chilling monster of Mount Vernon; the curse of Chief Cornstalk; more Civil War spirits; the murderer unveiled in a psychic dream; the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe; the ethereal glow of Ephraim's Light; "educated ghosts of Virginia's colleges; Tyler Nolley's haunted house at South Garden; the singing corpse; the Wampus Cat near Gloucester, disturbing moans from a cellar in Montgomery County; and many more.
5½" x 8½" 449 pages, photos, paperbound
#319 VA Ghosts Vol 3 $15.95

Ghosts–The Ghostlore of the Nation's Capital
by John Alexander
Besides the White House and Capitol, there are other homes, buildings, and streets in Washington that are the happy haunting grounds of famous and infamous men, women, and kids. Included herein for your macabre enjoyment are ghastly stories from neighboring Virginia and Maryland communities such as Alexandria, Mount Vernon, Manassas, and the Bladensburg dueling grounds.
8½" X 11" 128 pages, illustrated, paperbound
#88 Ghosts Nation's Capital $14.95

 Ghosts and Haunted Houses of Maryland byTrish Gallagher
This is a collection of twenty-five haunts from the Eastern Shore to the mountains of western Maryland including: Dr. Sam Mudd, the man who treated John Wilkes Booth's broken leg after he assassinated President Lincoln, still haunts his farmhouse near Beantown; the Confederate soldier who still hangs around Mount St. Mary's College; the ghost of Patty Cannon–infamous kidnapper, murderess, black marketeer; Laurel's most haunted house; and many more.
5½" x 8½" 96 pages, illustrated, paperbound
#322 Ghosts of MD $8.95

 Tidewater Ghosts...and nearby environs
by L. B. Taylor
Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you will enjoy reading these tales of mystery and macabre: the spectral lights of a ghost train; a dead admier who returns to sing on his loved one's tapes; phantom pit bull dogs rmoping in a garden; a psychic's vision unlocks a century-old mystery; and many more.
5½" x 8½" 220 pages, maps, illustrated, paperbound
#396 Tidewater Ghosts $11.95