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 Lighting the Bay–Tales of Chesapeake Lighthouses
Text and photographs by Pat Votech
This book gives more than just the history and architectural data about the lighthouses on the Chesapeake. Here are 25 chapters such as Death on a Lighthouse, Lady Keeper of the Lamp, Rescue in a Hurricane, Bombing the Lighthouse, Tearing Down the Screw Piles, Killer Caissons, plus ghosts, disasters, earthquakes, war, seiges, and much more.
9¼" x 12¼" 194 pages, index, illustrated, hardbound
#378 Lighting the Bay $34.95

   Haunted Lighthouses - Phantom Keepers, Ghostly Shipwrecks, and Sinister Calls from the Deep by Ray Jones
Here are 28 spine-tingling tales of spirited lights. The stories are grouped into four sections of the the country. The listing below will give you an idea of the states in which these tales are included.
East: Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Delaware, amd New York,
South: Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Texas. Great Lakes: Michigan. West: Oregon and California. The only drawback is that there are no illustrations in the entire book.
There is also an appendix with brief anecdotes of other lighthouses in the above states.
5½" x 8½ 242 pages, paperbound
#524 Haunted Lighthouses $14.95

 Lighthouses of Maryland and Virginia - History, Mystery, Legends, and Lore
by Bop Trapani, Jr.
Lighthouse historian and storyteller Bob Trapani, Jr. spotlidhts 19 Maryland and Virginia lighthouses through stories of shipwrecks; Civil War Ghosts, heroism, disasters, and ice storms, aswell as dedication, romance, and murder.
Modern and historic photographs, plus comments from lighthouse preservationists, add detail and insight about the challenges associated with these mid-Atlantic coastal treasures that remain an important part of the region's history, mystery, and lore.
5½" x 8½" 170 pages, paperbound
#525 Lighthouses of MD & VA $11.95

   Mid Atlantic Lighthouses–Hudson River to Chesapeake Bay
by Bruce Roberts and Ray Jones
Presenting a brief history of lighthouses from Pharos in the Alexandria, Egypt harbor–built in 280 B.C. to the first ones in America, erected in Boston, to the lightships that watched for U-Boats during World War II. Descriptions of 49 lighthouses and four lightships include driving directions and details on visiting.
8½" x 11" 86 pages, index, illustrated, paperb'd
#379 Mid Atlantic Lighthouses $19.95

 Out of Harm’s Way–Moving America’s Lighthouse
by Mike Booher and Lin Ezell
The remarkable inside story of how America’s lighthouse was saved from harm’s way...The media called it the “move of the millennium” engineering feat never before equaled. Many said the 200 foot high Cape Hatteras lightouse would collapse before it reached its final destination more than one-half mile inland. But something had to save the lighthouse from the encroaching Atlantic. In the end, the U. S. Park Service, engineers, and well seasoned movers calculated the risk and, without fault, successfully moved America’s lighthouse. Contains over 180 color and old vintage photos, maps, and drawings
8½" x 11" 216 pages, index, illustrated, hardbound
#380 Out of Harm’s Way was $39.95 NOW $9.95

 Forgotten Beacons–the Lost Lighthouses of the Chesapeake Bay
by Linda Turbyville
This is the history of the Bay’s aids to navigation and includes information and illustrations on every former lighthouse and lightship station that served the Bay. Includes an annotated map, time-line, old photos, and cross-section drawings.
8¾” x 11¼” 134 pages, illustrated, index, hardbound
#270 Forgotten Beacons $33.95

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